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Buddylist Social Network.

Buddylist is a online social network that was launched to the public on October 15th 2014 by founder(s) Josh Dufer & Nicklaus Brodbeck and headquartered in Springfield Illinois.

Buddylist is a social media platform that maintains the anonymity of the users and allows all the features that any other social media site would provide.

The Buddylist social media platform is growing by the day and has seen a lot of people become a part of it recently.

November 25, 2014 - With an exponential rise in popularity and the vast number of people showing interest in this unique social media site, there is no doubt that it can become the next big social media platform.

Buddylist keeps the data of the users anonymous and hence it is completely safe and secure. The site does not collect private and personal data about users and can be accredited to being the most safe online social media site available.

The users are always safe and know that they are not being traced or exploited in any way.

Buddylist is a perfect alternative to Facebook and Twitter and is surely the next big thing. It allows the users to play several games on its portal, choose from a wide range of options and remain interacted throughout without getting bored.
There are all kinds of games for all kinds of people so everyone will stay interested throughout.

Buddylist also allows people to share their pictures, upload videos and share information with friends and others on the social media.

Buddylist also lets people video chat on the platform, to communicate effectively and provides a medium for people to connect with each other freely.

Members can write blogs and post on the platform, market themselves and make new friends from all over the world.

The platform also has a Meme Generator which adds up spice to the site and lets users create fun memes to have a good time.
Meme Generator
Buddylist is a great social media site that has a lot to offer and that too without compromising the identity of the user.
Article From Datsyn News
Buddylist Social Network

Featured on The Wright Place TV Network

The BuddyList Social Network is an anonymous alternative to Facebook that doesn't sell your personal data to any one. BuddyList purports to be a community that doesn't invade your privacy. BuddyList believes a social network should be about staying connected with your friends and family and having fun.

Quoted in “Wikipedia,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) supports BuddyList's primary reason to jump away from Facebook by identifying two personal information aggregation techniques, called "connections" and "instant personalization," which assure that anyone has access even to personal information that you may not have intended to be publicly available. This is how it works, you create a "Connection" to most of the things that you click a "Like button" for, and Facebook will treat those relationships as public information. For example, if you "Like" a Page on Facebook, that then creates a public connection. If you Like a movie or restaurant on a non-Facebook website (and if that site is using Facebook's Open Graph system), that creates a public connection either to the applicable Page on Facebook or to the affiliated website.

Furthermore, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) notes that "For users that have not opted out, Instant Personalization is instant data leakage. As soon as you visit the sites in the pilot program (Yelp, Pandora, and Microsoft Docs) the sites can access your name, your picture, your gender, your current location, your list of friends, everything that Facebook classifies as public information. Even if you opt out of Instant Personalization, there's still data leakage if your friends use these "Instant Personalization websites," their activities can give away information about you, unless you block those applications individually." This can be challenging to do.

Alternatively, at BuddyList you are able to post status messages, comment on just about everything, share your photo's with your friends and family, play games, voice chat, create meme pics, blog, and so much more without the Facebook complications. This is everything people expect from a social network, devoid of the commercial revenue programs. BuddyList does not sell any of your data to any one and they do not ask for much personal information nor care if you provide your real info. The intent is to have fun, involve your friends, and help the community grow.

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The Buddylist Social Network project was originally started in July of 2010 but ran out of funding within the first month of starting. The idea was there but had no chance at that time to grow. The project was put on hold until late October 15th 2014. Founder Josh Dufer & Co Founder Nicklaus Brodbeck continued the project do to the fact of the privacy issues going on with most other social network's. Buddylist may not be able to put a end to the the privacy issues with other social networks but it can give you a option to be free from it. Buddylist lets you still have fun without taking your privacy & freedom of speech.


Josh Dufer & Nicklaus Brodbeck

A alternative to Facebook

Buddylist is a community that doesn't invade their users privacy. Buddylist believes a social network should be about staying connected with friends, family, and having fun.

At Buddylist users are able to post status messages, comment on just about everything, share their photo's with their friends and family, play games, voice chat, create meme pics, blog, and so much more, without losing their privacy and freedom of speech.

Buddylist is everything that a social network should be without all the commercial money making schemes.

Also Buddylist does not sell any of their users data to anyone, and does not even ask the user to provide their real info.

The Buddylist Social Network just wants all their members to have fun and enjoy the platform.



Buddylist Social Network allows their members to be in full control of all their privacy settings in a detailed manner so it is understandable by all users.

Buddylist does not ask for their members to give out their private information, instead uses a username / profile-name system that lets users use anything they want as a name, kind of like a cb handle.

The Buddylist Privacy policy can be found here PRIVACY


User Profiles

The user profile is fully customizable and the user even has the ability to embed any kind of embeddable media into their profile. For example, a YouTube video.

Also allows custom profile covers that users can upload and crop.

Ability to change the order of the widgets on your profile page to how ever the user likes.

The Profile Name is what will show on the user's profile page. It can be anything ex.(Bob Smith) or (Smiths Pizza & Pasta) Buddylist does not require the user to be formal and allows the user to put whatever they want.


Buddylist Mailbox

Users have their own mailbox where all their friends can leave full messages just like email to them when they are offline or simply choose not to use the Instant Messenger (Chat Box).

The members also have the ability to attach files and send photo's using the mailbox system.

Works with Desktop, and Mobile.


Meme Generator

The Meme Generator was added November 25th 2014 allowing members to create their own custom meme photo's to share on Buddylist.

Provides a full fledged Meme Maker for your website.

Here is the list of features of this plugin:

- Create memephoto with HTML5 canvas - Drag text captions, choose size, color, outline - Vote Memephoto - Support watermark

Developed by iDragon Solution Co., Ltd

Members can make a meme photo in just a minute or 2 with the simple and easy to use generator platform. The user just simply selects a photo from the template area and then adds their own text. The text can be positioned any where just by dragging it with their mouse.

Fun simple and easy to use. Members can try it out by clicking the Create Meme Link on the right side of the page once their logged in. theme_image_123.png

Buddylist Mobile App

The Buddylist Mobile app was created October 31 2014 and was added to the Google Play Store the following week after.

The mobile app lets you message friends, post status updates, share photo's, watch video's, play games, and view world news.

There is not a version yet for Iphone but the mobile version of Buddylist works just as good on all platforms just by going to [1] from your web browser on any smart phone.

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png

User Photo Albums

Members are able to create their own Photo Albums simply and easily. Just click "Add Photo" Located at the right of your screen if your logged in and you get a option to create or use a existing photo album. Easy drag and drop multiple photo's at a time from your computer or you can simple add one at a time with our easy to use photo upload area.

Members can also create a photo badge's from their albums to add to their website's or blog's. Just click "Create Badge" on the right of your screen when logged in and select any of your albums and make a badge with it and it will generate a code that you can copy and paste to your website or blog.


Members are able to create blogs. Fully functional blog system. Photos and embedded video's are allowed.


Chat Rooms

General Info Flash-based powerful chat solution for social sites with many features, such as: audio/video broadcastings, private conversations, chat history and others.

No Media Server Chat uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media connections that go directly from one user's application to the other one's without any media server between them. That makes media connection very fast and really real-time.

Audio/Video Chat Users have an ability to share their video and audio with any other users in the chat. It is possible to deny video playing from undesired watchers. User can watch several videos in the moment with one video enlarged into popup window.

General Features All general chat features are available: text-chatting, smileys support, quick messages, online status, font customizing, multi-rooms support, chat history, passowrd-protected rooms, private conversations, files transferring, audio/video chat and others.

Chat History All chat conversations are stored in database and can be easily found by admin at any time by chat date.

Private Conversations Users can talk between each other privately with audio/video and text chat like they talk via messenger.

Developed By rayzzz.com

Random Chat

General Info Flash-based application that pairs random users of your site together for webcam-based conversations. Users begin an online chat (text, audio, and video) with another user or visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.

No Media Server Chat Roulette uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media connections that go directly from one user's application to the other one's without any media server between them. That makes media connection very fast and really real-time.

Search by Gender Users can define chat partners of which gender they are interested in.

Developed By rayzzz.com

Screen Shot

From September 2015 Screenshot for Public Domain Purposes.


Video Wallpaper

Video Wallpaper has been added to the Sign in Page.


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